Replacement Windows

Following changes to the Building Regulations in England and Wales, it is important that due regard is given to the relevant requirements when replacing windows and doors.

  • Replacement windows and doors should have a FENSA certificate or suitable alternative, otherwise the installation may not comply with the Building Regulations.
  • Glazing in doors and other safety critical areas should be safety glass with relevant British Standard marks.
  • Where an existing window would be an escape window as defined in the Building Regulations 2010 and is big enough to be used for escape purposes, then the replacement should comply with one of the following:

» The replacement window should be sized to provide at least the same potential for escape.

» If the existing window was larger than required for escape purposes, the opening can be reduced to the minimum described in the Building Regulations.

  • If windows are replaced, it may be necessary to provide cavity barriers around the opening in accordance with the Building Regulations.
  • It is important to check that there is a proper fire escape from the windows on the first floor.